Michelle Risser

I help helpers optimize their self-care and live without burnout!

CEU Course Planning Checklist

Have you ever thought about diversifying your income by teaching CEUs? Here is a handy checklist to get you started!

Additional Income Streams for Therapists

Break free from the therapy chair without leaving the profession! A few years ago, I realized I wasn’t going to be able to spend hours and hours sitting in my therapy chair and stay healthy- physically or mentally. I was still passionate about therapy, but I needed additional ways to expand my services.  For years, […]

Being a helper does not mean sacrificing yourself.

Helpers, healers, and givers, this one’s for you.  Helping others does NOT mean sacrificing yourself. I have wanted to help others all of my life, and was often discouraged. As a child, I was constantly getting messages like “why don’t you worry about yourself first? Why are you always trying to give your stuff away? […]

Get free resources including a burnout assessment and the Therapist Mom’s Ultimate Survival Guide here!

Click here for a ton of free resources including a burnout assessment, The Therapist Mom's Ultimate Survival Guide, an invitation to The Burnout-Proof Therapist Mom's Facebook group and more!



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