The Most Important 4 Minutes of Your Day!

These 4 minutes will help you get into the moment and be calm and centered, whatever your busy day brings!


Good morning, everybody. I thought I would just jump on here and do a quick breath meditation to help you get grounded and calm. Okay. So whether you are standing or walking or sitting, start by feeling your feet. Just notice your feet, making contact with the floor. Notice the places where your feet and the floor connect, and also notice the spaces where your feet don’t connect like in the arches of your feet or between your toes.

Take a nice, slow breath and through your nose, and out through your mouth, Let’s get those shoulders up, push them back, gently slide them down. Like you’re slipping your shoulders in your back pockets.

What we’re going to do today is we’re going to take a nice belly breath, otherwise known as diaphragmatic breathing. So put your hands on your belly and as you breathe in take a nice deep breath and, and let your belly expand. And then as you breathe out, let your belly come in. Okay. So let’s do that together. Ready?

Take a nice deep breath in, watch your belly come out and then a nice long exhale. Go ahead and take a few more of those breaths. And while you do that, I want you to imagine what’s happening inside your body.

As you breathe in, air is entering your lungs. And oxygen is diffusing into your bloodstream. Deep breath pumps lymph fluid throughout your body, which contains powerful immune cells to fight infection. Your breath is allowing your body to exchange oxygen for carbon dioxide. Oxygen is entering your cells and giving energy to every single cell in your body.

Nice, deep breath slows your heartbeat, lowers your blood pressure, reduces stress and helps you get grounded in the moment. Feel more calm, more centered, and more focused.

So now we’re going to breathe together with a nice long exhale. So I want you to breathe in with me on a count of five and breathe out with me on a count of seven, ready? And we’re going to read them through our nose and out through our mouth and keep that belly breath going.

Breathe in: two, three, four, five out two, three, four, five, six, seven. One more time. Breathe in: two, three, four, five out: two, three, four, five, six, seven.

And that’s it. So as you go throughout your day to day, remember to breathe, think about all the amazing things that are happening inside your body with each breath.

And if you haven’t already come over to my page, Michelle Risser Coaching and like my page. I’ll have more videos for you like this to come.

Okay, have a great day, everybody. Bye!

I love helping busy, ambitious moms overcome their own personal hurdles and come out on the other side feeling calm, confident and joyful! If you are that mom, I’d love to meet you for a free, no pressure virtual “coffee chat” to talk about how I can help you find your spark, be busy without burnout and successful without overwhelm.

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The Pandemic Has Stolen Your Self-Care. It’s Time to Take it Back.

The Covid 19 pandemic has taken us on a roller-coaster ride of survival, optimism, hope, grief, and loss. Our routine has gone out the window, especially self-care. It’s time to take it back!

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Mindfulness to Go

Here are 30 of my favorite mindfulness strategies for lowering my stress level and helping me stay more present in the moment.

Of all of the things I have tried, mindfulness helps me stay calm and centered more than anything else. 

These suggestions are specifically meant to be used while you are going about your normal life- no timers, cushions or chanting required!

I purposefully kept them simple because the point is not to overthink it but to just get in the habit of noticing where you are. Building awareness takes practice; if you use these strategies every day you will start to feel calmer and more present!

Here are some suggestions for how to use these mindfulness tools on the go: 

  1. Do a 30-day challenge and focus on one activity every day.
  2. Print it out and carry it with you, pick a strategy at random whenever you feel tension or anxiety start to rise.
  3. Cut the suggestions out and randomly draw one every day.
  4. On a scale of 1-10, try to keep your anxiety around a 3 or lower for a whole day using these strategies.
  5. However you choose to use these strategies, I hope you find them helpful. Keep at it! Regular practice is the most important thing. 

I am now offering private individual coaching to help busy professional moms transform from stressed, overwhelmed and burned by guilt to calm, present and joyful!

I’d love to hear more of your story and see if we’d be a good match to work together, find out more here!

Mom Guilt and the Snowy Day Epiphany (It’s a Bunch of Nonsense)

Let me start by telling you a story about mom guilt.

A few years ago, it was a cold and snowy day here in Central Ohio. My husband was traveling for work and school was closed for a snow day. I had a jam-packed day of clients. The morning was a mad scramble of canceling, rescheduling and confirming clients, and figuring out childcare. Thankfully, I was able to take my daughter to a friend’s house for the afternoon. Then mom guilt kicked in.

After I dropped her off, I was driving to work and beating myself up, just berating myself relentlessly.

I felt guilty for the clients I canceled, I felt guilty for not being with my daughter and I felt guilty for the clients I was going to see, because I knew that my heart wasn’t in it.

I wanted to be home with my kid! Then all of the sudden I had an epiphany. It hit me, this is all a bunch of nonsense!  I’m damned if I do and damned if I don’t. There’s absolutely no way to win here. I feel guilty if I’m not at work, and I feel guilty if I am at work. 

That, my friends, is mom guilt in a nutshell.

Most, if not all moms have felt it at some point. 

It’s that nagging voice that tells you that whatever you do, it’s never enough. 

The thought that you “should” be doing more. 

For working moms, it might be feeling guilty that you are at work and missing out on your kids’ lives. 

Or when you are with your kids, it’s the nagging feeling that you should be doing work. 

For full time at home moms, it’s feeling like you should have a sparkling clean house, be all caught up on chores, spend every waking moment making sure the kids are entertained and learning and not in front of screens. 

Do you feel stressed out just reading this? I do!

The key word here is SHOULD

You might be suffering from mom guilt if you find yourself thinking thoughts like:

  • I should be doing more
  • I’m going to mess up my kids
  • Whatever I do, it’s never enough.
  • I’m a failure

If you find yourself thinking these thoughts, it’s probably mom guilt talking. 

A balanced life means a little more work one day and a little more fun the next. It doesn’t mean juggling all of the things all of the time. 

So what does your mom guilt voice sound like?

Learn to recognize it, and know that it is lying to you. It’s based on unrealistic, unattainable expectations, and also comparing ourselves to others. 

Spoiler alert: other moms struggle with this too, no matter how perfect they make things look on social media. 

It’s time for us to kick mom guilt to the curb.

Wanna Go to the Beach?

I think we have all just about had it with the Covid-19 pandemic. Let’s get out of here, shall we? 

OK, Coronavirus, you mean schoolyard bully, you win. You have taken a toll on all of us physically, mentally, and emotionally. For some, you’ve brought devastating grief and loss. For all of us, mega STRESS. Yes, the vaccine gives us hope. But it’s going to be a while before life looks anything like normal!

Surprise! It turns out that having our routines turned upside down, holing up at home, being isolated and having nothing to look forward for months on end isn’t ideal for our mental or emotional state. 

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It’s OK to Crave Normalcy During a Pandemic

“Well of course it’s OK to crave normalcy”, you think to yourself. “Why is she even writing about this?”

Here we are, in month SEVEN of the 2020 Coronavirus Pandemic.

We are grasping at ways to find our new normal, and what I am seeing in my clients is a deep grief starting to set in. We desperately need normalcy, yet nothing is normal. We try to find meaningful ways to fill our days, participating where we can, while still following mask orders and social distancing. Everyone knows the BIG things are gone: vacations weren’t what we planned, concerts and events are canceled, sports are canceled or WAY different, and don’t even get me started on school. We push forward in spite of extraordinary loss.

School is a hot mess. Some kids are doing virtual school from home, some are homeschooling, some have complicated hybrid schedules and some, like my daughter, are in school full time but 6 feet apart with masks, plexiglass desk dividers, and eating lunch at their desks. NOTHING about this is normal, yet we bravely move forward, making the best of it. Teachers, students, parents, and school administrators put on brave faces and grasp at anything that can feel even remotely like the normal beginning of school routine.

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Feeling the January Blues? It Could be Seasonal Depression

Do the short, grey days leave you feeling depressed, tired, and unmotivated? You may have heard of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) or Seasonal Depression. Over half a million people in the US experience seasonal depression, and women are more likely to suffer. New research sheds more light on this experience.

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