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I help helpers optimize their self-care and live without burnout!

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  • CEU Course Planning Checklist

    CEU Course Planning Checklist

    Have you ever thought about diversifying your income by teaching CEUs? Here is a handy checklist to get you started!

  • Additional Income Streams for Therapists

    Additional Income Streams for Therapists

    Break free from the therapy chair without leaving the profession! A few years ago, I realized I wasn’t going to be able to spend hours and hours sitting in my therapy chair and stay healthy- physically or mentally. I was still passionate about therapy, but I needed additional ways to expand my services.  For years, […]

  • Self-Care All Day Every Day!

    Self-Care All Day Every Day!

    Self-care is about what you do every single day. You pour out your energy for your clients and your families all day every day, so in order to stay healthy, you need to take care of yourself all day every day. Fill your own cup first, so that you have something to give.

  • Why is self-care so hard in the summer when you are a therapist and a mom? 

    Why is self-care so hard in the summer when you are a therapist and a mom? 

    We all go into summer thinking “Ahh, a break!” We picture ourselves relaxing by the pool while our kids happily splash around and we sip iced tea. It will be a luxurious break from the tyranny of the school year and we will finally have time for the self-care we know we deserve.  Unfortunately, it rarely turns out that way. You may even find that you feel even MORE exhausted in the summer and you are counting down the days until school starts back up! 

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